About the Corvette Action Center

Corvette Action Center 20th Anniversary

In 2020, the Corvette Action Center celebrated its 20 year anniversary!


In 1988, a special customer support team was started at the Corvette manufacturing facility in Bowling Green, Kentucky, called the "Corvette Action Center". This team was designed to provide technical information directly to Corvette customers and dealerships. It consisted of Danny Hawkins, Harold White, Sonny Kilgo, Gordon Killebrew, Jerry Watts and Ed O'Keefe. By the time the Corvette Action Center was shut down around 1995, the Center was receiving approximately 200 calls per day via the toll-free phone number.

This Corvette Action Center you see here originally started out as a small New Hampshire based Corvette web site and has been under development since January of 2000. The site actually went live on the web on April 1, 2000 and our Community Forums were started September 16, 2000.

The prime directive of the Corvette Action Center is to promote the awareness, preservation and enjoyment of the Chevrolet Corvette and help educate owners and enthusiasts by providing a professional and reliable online source of Corvette news and information.

We consider the Corvette Action Center to be a major informational repository and in a "continuous state of improvement". The information contained within is constantly being updated in order to insure that it is reliable and consistent. The engineering of the site is also under a constant state of development in order to make room for future additions and to insure that site navigation and information access is quick and intuitive.


The Corvette Action Center has a central structure which is comprised of focal "centers" in order to organize features and information in an easy to use layout. That structure is briefly summarized below:

Forums:  The Corvette Action Center Community makes up one arm of the site. The forums provide owners and enthusiasts with a sense of home, camaraderie and technical information on anything and everything Corvette related. It is one of the most important sources of information that the Corvette Action Center is built on.

History:  Our History Center is the perfect place to go to research the history of the Corvette since it went into production in 1953. Section include biographies on who's who in the world of Corvette, a Corvette historical timeline and more.

Gallery:  The Image Gallery has been constructed to give the user a pictorial history of the Corvette by utilizing high quality pictures of Corvettes through the years.

Knowledge Base:  This is the second most important source of information we have in the Corvette Action Center. The KnowledgeBase was released to the site in January of 2002. This section is divided up by Corvette generation and then into major subcategories that cover the main areas of the Corvette such as "Body Parts and Trim", "Electrical and Ignition", etc. The information contained within comes from Chevrolet/General Motors Service Bulletins, Chevrolet Service News, and other reliable sources of information. This is one of the sections of the site which is in a "continuous state of improvement". As more information becomes available to us, the Knowledge Base is updated appropriately.

Corvette Tech Center:  The Corvette Tech Center brings all of our technical archives to your fingertips This is the third major section of the Corvette Action Center. It provides specifications, production codes, VIN code information, production numbers, performance reviews and more for all model years of Corvettes and specialty models. This section along with the Forums and Knowledge Base make up the heart of the Corvette Action Center.

Toolbox:  In this section, we put together several helpful tools to help the present and prospective Corvette owner. Some of these tools include a Cost Comparison Calculator, Carburetor CFM Calculator, Horsepower Calculator and much more.

With the Forums and Knowledge Base and Corvette Tech center making up the heart of the site, all other sections make up the body. We feel that this structure provides an efficient and easy to use online resource and allows the Corvette Action Center to be one of the most important informational assets to Corvette owners and enthusiasts.

As always, we take pride in offering an informative and easy to use Corvette web site. We value feedback and do our best to take user feedback into consideration when working on the site. Please feel free to provide any suggestions you may have by using our online Contact Form. Thank you and remember:  "Save The Wave"!!